Illinois varsity high school girls soccer game between the Warriors of Lincoln-Way West from New Lenox and the Griffins of Lincoln-Way East from Frankfort during a South West Suburban Conference crossover game in Frankfort on Thursday, April 4, 2024. (Photo copyright of Vincent D. Johnson)

Lincoln-Way East's Kara Waishwell (2)
Lincoln-Way East's Daniela LaPonte (3)
Lincoln-Way East's Addison Gast (5)
Lincoln-Way East's Maddie Moore (7)
Lincoln-Way East's Thea Gerfen (8)
Lincoln-Way East's Elizabeth Burfeind (9)
Lincoln-Way East's Cami Butler (11)
Lincoln-Way East's Shae Eggert (12)
Lincoln-Way East's Camden Cosich (13)
Lincoln-Way East's Mia Hedrick (14)
Lincoln-Way East's Ellie Feigl (15)
Lincoln-Way East's Julia Chonarzewski (16)
Lincoln-Way East's Emily Herlihy (17)
Lincoln-Way East's Marlee Tracy (18)
Lincoln-Way East's Ava Feigl (19)
Lincoln-Way East's Bre Herlihy (20)
Lincoln-Way East's Payton Lucitt (21)
Lincoln-Way East's Hannah Toarski (22)
Lincoln-Way East's Lili Kolozy (23)
Lincoln-Way East's Julia Williams (25)
Lincoln-Way East's Mattea Arroyo (0)
Lincoln-Way East's Breanna Kowalewicz (00)
Lincoln-Way East's varsity girls' soccer head coach Michael Murphy
Lincoln-Way East

Lincoln-Way West's Cora Franczyk (1)
Lincoln-Way West's Olivia Ledvina (0)
Lincoln-Way West's Ava Peterson (2)
Lincoln-Way West's Abby Hermanson (5)
Lincoln-Way West's Carissa Vicario (6)
Lincoln-Way West's Ava Bach (7)
Lincoln-Way West's Quinn Beebe (8)
Lincoln-Way West's Morgan Sallese (10)
Lincoln-Way West's Abigail Neibert (11)
Lincoln-Way West's Kiersten White (12)
Lincoln-Way West's Lauryn Orris (13)
Lincoln-Way West's Jaiden Hughes (14)
Lincoln-Way West's Kate Kinsella (15)
Lincoln-Way West's Natalie Esposito (18)
Lincoln-Way West's Lindsey Dust (21)
Lincoln-Way West's Molly Gillis (25)
Lincoln-Way West's Natalie Borchert (33)
Lincoln-Way West's Kirsten Meder (47)
Lincoln-Way West's Julia Urbanczyk (57)
Lincoln-Way West's Cora Franczyk (0/1)
Lincoln-Way West's Olivia Ledvina (0/00)
Lincoln-Way West's varsity girls' soccer head coach Joe Stephens
Lincoln-Way West